General Secretary
All India Bank Officers’ Confederation

The All India Bank Officers’ Confederation – AIBOC is a Symbol of hope and aspiration to Managerial Class all over the world. When the supervisory workers were exploited on the plea that they are part of the Management and cannot form Unions, AIBOC came into existence.

All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC) is an apex trade union of supervisory cadre employees. As an apex body, AIBOC is the torch-bearer in the trade union movement not only of the Bank Officers but also of the Supervisory cadre of employees in the financial sector as a whole. AIBOC has been a forerunner in championing the cause of the working class amongst supervisory cadre employees. AIBOC has acted as a catalyst in forging unity of bank employees and in forming United Forum of Bank Unions in 1997, comprising of all Bank Employees’ Unions and Officers’ Organisations.

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