AIBOC is a value based Trade Union, committed to consolidation of Bank Officers’ Movement and the entire Managerial Staff in India and abroad. It is against Exploitation, Victimisation and Attacks on the Working Class. Through Dedicated Service and Struggle, it upholds the Dignity, Self esteem, Professional competence of its Members to seek Fair, Equitable Compensation and Service Conditions.
AIBOC is Politically not affiliated, Self Reliant, Internally Led, Independent Trade Union upholding Democratic values and involving itself in socially relevant issues. It is committed to National Unity, National Interest and the Public Sector.

To carry forward the interests of Bank Officers working in India and abroad.
To remain always committed for a larger Consolidation of Managerial Staff all over the country.
To campaign in favour of Public Sector for protecting and furthering Public Interest.
Through determined, sustained Campaign and struggles strives to improve the service conditions by effectively using bipartite machinery.
To extend constructive and positive support to the Banks,in poverty alleviation programmes and for the improvement of the economy.
To work towards continuous improvements for the purpose of enhancement of customer satisfaction through dedicated customer service.
To Continuously search for healthy interaction amongstmembers and society, through enhancement of awareness and involvement in non-bargaining issues like Economic Policy, Health of the Banks, Social Service etc.,
To Work as a Nodal point for organising the Professional Workers of different sectors in India.
To strive to organise the unorganized sector for protecting and furthering their Dignity and Human rights.
To uphold the dignity and self esteem of the working class.
To maintain fraternal relationship with other trade unions.
To campaign in favour of alternate Economic and Banking Policy, committed to the principles of state ownership.
To seek and achieve a stress free work atmosphere in the Banking Industry for Officers.

Affiliate wise Autonomous; Confederation wise Supportive.
Inculcating a sense of belonging amongst the Members, Affiliates and the Working Class at large.
To be sensitive and to protect Human Dignity and Self-Respect.
To improve Professional Outlook and Commitment to the Institution.
To seek continuous Enhancement of Working Knowledge and Skills through, Research, Training and Development.
To root out Corruption at all levels.
To work for the National interest and to confront New Challenges with Eternal Vigilance, Determination and Bold Initiatives.
To Resolve Internal Organizational Challenges through Mutual Dialogue, Discussion and Consensus.
To Work Democratically to Enhance Unity and Camaraderie amongst Members and Affiliates.
{Adopted in Vagamon Conclave}
Comrades, it was a historic occasion that, during the Silver Jubilee year of the Confederation, the leadership of the Confederation is coming out with Vision, Mission and Value Statements befitting the status of the Confederation. We compliment the participants of the ‘Conclave’ for a marvellous job they have accomplished.